We protect the rights of clients injured in a wide range of Auto accidents which Includes:

Car accidents:

If you are fortunate, you will only be involved in a car accident once or twice in your lifetime. We handle car accident cases every day. You can rely on our years of experience and trust in our record of success.

Truck accidents:

Semis and other large trucks are a leading cause of accidents and serious injuries on the road. Our attorneys understand the causes of truck accidents and know how to get results in these complex cases.

Motorcycle accidents:

Motorcycle wrecks can cause catastrophic injuries, including brain injury and spinal cord injury. Injured bikers need experienced legal help to obtain full compensation for their accident-related damages.

Bike accidents:

When cyclists and motor vehicles crash, bikers pay the price — sometimes with their lives. Our attorneys stand up for the rights of injured cyclists and get results.

Pedestrian accidents:

Distracted driving contributes to pedestrian accidents, which are increasing in number and severity nationwide.

Accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured motorists:

What do you do if you were hit by an uninsured, underinsured or hit-and-run driver? We can help you make a claim against your own insurance policy’s UM/UIM coverage.

Issues with uninsured and underinsured motorists:

Many drivers carry only the minimum amount of insurance coverage for bodily injury — $15,000. What happens if your medical costs exceed the limits of the other driver’s insurance?

Distracted driving accidents:

Today’s drivers are more distracted than ever before. Talking, texting, using GPS, tuning the audio system, eating and drinking are just some of the actions that distract drivers’ attention and often lead to accidents.

Drunk driving accidents:

Driving while intoxicated is clearly negligent. We will investigate to determine whether a claim can be made against a bar or restaurant that over-served the drunk driver who injured you.

Boating and recreational accidents:

We represent people injured by negligent or reckless operators of boats, Jet Skis, and other watercraft.

Rear-end collisions:

Injuries from a rear-end collision can take weeks to appear. Do not settle too soon or you may sign away your right to compensation for accident-related damages.

Intersection accidents:

Our legal team includes two full-time investigators. They will track down evidence, interview witnesses and establish who was at fault in intersection crashes.

Highway accidents:

Speeding, careless driving, impaired driving, dangerous or defective roadways, auto defects and distracted driving can all cause or contribute to highway accidents.

Left turn accidents:

Drivers turning left must yield the right of way to those who are driving straight through an intersection. Those who do not know or respect this New Jersey law can cause serious accidents and injuries.

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