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When we entrust the care of our loved ones to nursing homes, we expect that they will be treated with the dignity and compassion they deserve. Unfortunately, nursing home negligence is an all-too-common reality, and one of its most distressing manifestations is the development of bed sores. As a result, bed sore attorneys play a vital role in protecting the rights of nursing home residents and their families, holding facilities accountable for their negligence, and obtaining compensation for the pain and suffering experienced by victims.

Understanding Bed Sores and Their Causes

Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, are painful skin lesions caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. They typically occur in individuals with limited mobility, such as nursing home residents who are bedridden or confined to a wheelchair. Bed sores can develop quickly and may progress to severe, life-threatening infections if not treated promptly.

The main causes of bed sores in nursing homes include:
  • Prolonged pressure: When a person is unable to move or change positions regularly, constant pressure on specific areas of the body can restrict blood flow, leading to tissue damage and the formation of bed sores.

  • Friction and shearing: Friction from the skin rubbing against bed linens or shearing forces from improper positioning can also contribute to the development of bed sores.

  • Poor nutrition and hydration: Malnourishment and dehydration can weaken the skin and make it more susceptible to pressure ulcers.

  • Inadequate care: Neglectful care, such as failing to reposition residents, not providing appropriate support surfaces, or not addressing incontinence, can significantly increase the risk of bed sore development.

The Role of Bed Sore Attorneys in Combating Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes may be held legally accountable for their negligence when they fail to provide the necessary care and attention to prevent or treat bed sores. Bed sore attorneys specialize in representing victims of nursing home negligence and their families in pursuing compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial damages caused by bed sores. These legal professionals:

  • Investigate the circumstances: Bed sore attorneys conduct thorough investigations into the circumstances surrounding the development of bed sores, gathering evidence, and identifying instances of negligence or substandard care.

  • Establish liability: Through their investigations, bed sore attorneys work to establish the liability of the nursing home and other responsible parties, such as staff members or medical professionals.

  • Calculate damages: Bed sore attorneys collaborate with medical experts, economists, and other professionals to accurately estimate the damages incurred by the victim and their family, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life.

  • Negotiate settlements: Armed with evidence and a strong case, bed sore attorneys negotiate with insurance companies and nursing home representatives to secure fair compensation for the victim and their family.

  • Litigate cases: If a settlement cannot be reached, bed sore attorneys are prepared to take the case to court and fight for the rights of the victim and their loved ones.

Achieving Justice for Victims of Nursing Home Negligence

If you or a loved one has suffered from bed sores due to nursing home negligence, it is essential to consult with an experienced bed sore attorney as soon as possible. These legal professionals can help you navigate the complex legal process


If you suspect that a loved one is facing mistreatment or abuse in a New Jersey nursing home, the Office of the State Ombudsman exists to help. Their experienced staff will assist with any questions and investigations into reported neglect. Reach out now at (877)-582-6995 for more information, or send inquiries to P.O Box 852 in Trenton NJ 08625 today!

Peter Michael Law Bedsore Legal Team can help

At Peter Michael Law, our dedicated team of attorneys is committed to fighting for the rights of nursing home residents in New Jersey who have suffered from bed sores due to negligence. With years of experience handling bedsore cases not only for natives but also for immigrations, we understand the unique challenges victims and their families face and strive to provide compassionate and personalized legal representation throughout the process. Here’s how we can help:

  • Case evaluation: Our skilled attorneys will thoroughly review the details of your case, determining whether negligence played a role in the development of bed sores and advising you on the best course of action.

  • Investigation and evidence gathering: Our team will conduct an in-depth investigation into the nursing home’s care practices, identify instances of neglect or substandard care, and gather crucial evidence to support your case.

  • Establishing liability: We will work tirelessly to establish the liability of the nursing home, its staff members, and any other responsible parties, building a strong case for negligence.

  • Calculating damages: In collaboration with medical professionals and other experts, we will accurately assess the full extent of the damages suffered by you or your loved one, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of quality of life.

  • Negotiating settlements: Our experienced negotiators will aggressively advocate on your behalf, negotiating with insurance companies and nursing home representatives to secure a fair and just settlement for your case.

  • Litigating your case: If a fair settlement cannot be reached, our skilled trial attorneys are prepared to take your case to court, fighting passionately for the compensation you deserve and holding the negligent parties accountable for their actions.

  • Ongoing support and communication: At Peter Michael Law, we understand that bed sore cases can be emotionally challenging for victims and their families. We are committed to maintaining open lines of communication and providing support throughout the process, keeping you informed and involved every step.

When you choose Peter Michael Law to represent you in a bed sore case, you can be confident that our dedicated team will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.

Contact us today for a free consultation at 201-500-5500 and let us help you pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

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