3 Things You NEED To Do After A Car Accident

The second you get in a car accident can be one of the most intense times of your life. 

Adrenaline pumping. Am I okay? Are the other passengers okay? How did that just happen? 

After you get your bearings, the only question to ask is what should I do next? 

The reason this is so important is understanding the answer allows you to recover the most potential compensation for your accident so you have your medical expenses, vehicle damages, even file emotional damage claims for your motor vehicle accident in New Jersey. 


What you must do after an accident:



After an accident, it’s easy to be in shock as you try to gain awareness of what just happened. For your and the other drivers’ safety, you must remember to get to the side of the road immediately to ensure you’re out of harm’s way. 

Your next step is to call the police. The New Jersey Police are a resource for you after an accident as the sooner they get to the scene, the better understanding they’ll be able to have of how the motor vehicle accident took place for their reporting. 


Documentation, Documentation, Documentation! 

The more you can visually set the scene for car insurance companies, personal injury lawyers, and the courts, the better your chances of receiving the highest compensation possible for your accident claims. 


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It’s crucial you see a doctor within the first 7 days after your motor vehicle accident. 




Because after 7 days it becomes extremely difficult for a doctor to link your injuries to the accident; this creates a weak case for your injury claims that will likely result in zero compensation for your damages. 

Even if don’t feel much pain, remember that your adrenaline is taking over the day of the accident and you may start to feel pain a few days later – by that time life gets in the way, and seeing a doctor feels more like a chore to do than a necessity. Don’t fall into this trap. 

The time and cost of seeing a doctor are minimal compared to the potential thousands, hundreds of thousands, or potentially millions of dollars of compensation you can receive.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident in New Jersey, your next step is to go to wordpress-325177-996653.cloudwaysapps.com and request a FREE case evaluation.  You can also call 201-292-1930 so we can personally walk you through your next steps in the legal process to make sure you receive the maximum compensation so you can focus on living your life!


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